Gas/air ratio regulators Models GIK, GI
  • For maintaining a constant air-gas mixture
  • For modulating and high/low burner control
  • High regulating precision
  • Wide regulating range
  • Maintenance-free

- With spring for compensating for the weight of
the diaphragm assembly in the case of modulating

- Gas/air ratio regulator with inlet pressure
compensation diaphragm and zero shut-off.

- The GIK can be converted to the GIK .. B.

The bypass screw must be exchanged
for this purpose.

The gas/air ratio regulator is activated by
the pressure of the combustion air line. It
regulates the gas outlet pressure in the ratio
1: 1 to the air control pressure The burner
capacity is varied with the aid of the air con­
trol valve.

Furnace pressure fluctuations have the
same effect on gas and air throughput, thus
meaning that the gas-air mixture does not

The low fire rate can be set by adjusting the
regulator spring.

In the case of high/low control (GIK .. B), the
spring should be fully relaxed. The min. flow
flows only through the bypass.

The setting at high fire is performed via orifices         
or valves on the burner.

The gas/air ratio regulators GIK and GI
serve to maintain a constant air-gas ratio
and to regulate the gas pressure upstream
of gas burners on installations without
preheated combustion air.

GIK and GI for modulating control, GIK .. B
with bypass for high/low/off control. Zero­
pressure regulation with conversion kit.
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