Model Number:        TBA

Description:        Turbo Air Blowers Direct Drive
The direct drive Turbo Blower is available in six pressure ranges from
12-36 osig (5.2-15.5 kPa) and 63 different sizes ranging from 240 to
13,000 scfm (6.4-348 nm3/min) for providing large or small volumes of air
at constant pressures. The Turbo Blower is designed to supply air for
combustion or for any low pressure air application.
Model Number:        TBAB

Description:        Turbo Air Blowers Belt Drive
Belt drive fiberglass-housed blowers in pressure ranges from 7 to 40 osig
and capacities from 90 to 90,000 cfm, "tailored" to meet precise air
handling requirements.
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