Gas Pressure Regulators GDJ

  • All-purpose regulators for gas media
  • High control accuracy
  • Safety diaphragm saves installing a vent line

To control gas and air inlet pressure for gas burners
and appliances in industry and for heating purposes.
Model GDJ 15
Model GDJ 20-50
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Spring-loaded regulator with inlet pressure compensation.
The outlet pressure is kept constant with changing gas flow as a function of the spring setting. The inlet
pressure compensation makes for high control accuracy with changing inlet pressures.


Into horizontal and verticai pipwork.
The device must be installed free of strain and away from surrounding walls (mm. distance 3/4 inch (20 mm).
An overpressure shut-off valve JSAV and a relief valve VSBV should be installed when the inlet gas
pressure exceeds the maximum rating of the components and fittings downstream of the main gas
regulator. This is to prevent Damaging the components and fittings as the result of over pressure.
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Technical data

Types of gas:
natural gas, town gas, propane and butane and bio-gas, GDJ. .L for air.
Max. inlet pressure Pe 5 psig (350 mbar).
Emergency exposure limit: 40 psig (2760 mbar)
Outlet pressure ranges: GDJ 15: ito 22 “WC (2 to 55 mbar)
GDJ 20—40: 2 to 64 “WC (5 to 160 mbar)
GDJ 50: 2 to 40 “WC (5 to 100 mbar),

The outlet pressure range is adjustable by
inserting different springs (see table).
The regulators are set in the factory for
GDJ 15: 20”WC(5ombar)
GDJ 20—50: 36 “WC (90 mbar).
Connection thread: NPT.
Housing: aluminium
Membranes: Perbunan
Valve seat: aluminium
Valve spindle: plastic
Valve seal: Perbunan.
Temperature range: 5 to 140°F (—15 to +60 °C).
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