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  • Measurement of the instantaneous flow (DE) and volume (DM, DE) of gas and air
  • Turndown range up to 20:1
  • Connections for optional sensing equipment
  • Arbitary mounting position
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance-free


For measuring volume (DM, DE) and instantaneous 110w (DE) of natural gas, propane,
inert gases and air. Typical applications include secondary measurement of volume on
industrial installations and test stands including furnaces, kilns and ovens used in all
types of heating processes. The flow meters are ideal for monitoring gas flow rates that
aid in optimizing fuel consumption, and providing important troubleshooting information.

Operating Limits

  • Types of gas: Natural gas, town gas, LPG (gaseous), air and inert gases.
  • Max. inlet pressure pe: 175 psig (12 bar)
  • Ambient temperature: -4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C)
  • Median temperature: 14° F to 140° F (-10° C to 60° C)
  • Type of enclosure: IP 52 (DM); IP 54 (DE)
Mechanical data
Display: 7-digit with resolution of 0.01 ft3 for 1 size, and 0.1 ft3 for 1½ to 4 sizes (Analog mechanical

Electrical data

Supply voltage: 8 VDC (approximate)
Maximum switching voltage: 24 V
Maximum switching curent: 50 mA
Maximum make/break capacity: 0.25 W (VA)
Contact resistance: 100  2 ± 20%
Internal resistance: 1 k1 ± 20%
First pulse generator: El, reed contact
Second pulse generator: E 200 (Namur), inductive generator EN 50227
Note: The reed contact, El, closes once per revolution of the last number drum.


Display: 6-digit liquid-crystal display (LCD)
Supply voltage: 8 VDC (approximate)
Internal resistance: 1 k2
Pulse generator: E 200 (Namur), Inductive generator EN 50227
Battery life: Approximately 8 years (stored values are lost when battery changed)
Note: The pulse output is a result of change in current consumption from 1 mA to 3 mA.
Materials of Construction
Housing material: Nominal size 25: AISi chill casting
Nominal size 40—1 50: extruded aluminium



The total volume is indicated on the mechanical counter head.
A remote indicator can be operated with one or two incorporated pulse generators (round plug 3-pin to
DIN 41524).

The DE style meter has a LCD display that shows the current volume, the current flow and date. The
normal display indicates current volume (ff3). The following values can be recalled from this normal
state by pressing the blue pushbutton located on the top of the display head.
Menu #
1. Key-date value (ft3/a) indicates the volume consumed since the key date. The key date value function
stores the total volume consumed annually from key-date to key-date. This feature allows you to
determine the volume consumed in the current year at any time, for example:
Total consumption since the meter was installed (Normal Display): 309,560 ft3 Key-date value (through
the end of last
year): 300,000 ft3. This means 9,560 ft3 was consumed since the last key date.
2. The key date indicates the date from which the volume displayed in Menu 1 was consumed. This value
is saved in the key date value (factory set at: December 31, this can only be reset or changed at the
factory) Default status: 00-00, will be displayed on December 31.
3. The Instantaneous flow [ft3/h], indicates current flow.
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