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  • Functional test of both safety shutoff valves
  • Where regulations permit, an alternative to normally open vent valves
  • Operates with most safety shutoff valves
  • Can be configured to test either before startup or after shutdown
  • Inlet pressures to 7.25 psig
  • Integrated pressure switch
  • Self-checking circuitry
  • Easy to install
  • Compact size
  • CE certified models available


TC 1, TC 2 and TC 3 Valve Proving Controls are electronic test modules that verify the
leakage rate of a two-valve safety shutoff valve system. With each start-up or shutdown of
the combustion system, both valves are tested for leakage rate. If either valve has an
unacceptable leakage rate (as determined by the appropriate approving authority), the TC
activates an alarm and locks out the combustion system, thus preventing restart until the
leakage condition is corrected.

TC Proving Controls are suitable for use with natural, LP, clean coke oven and clean
biogases. To suit variations in piping between the safety shutoff valves, the test duration
time of the TC is adjustable, thus insuring minimal test time.


Operating Limits
Ambient Temperature: 5 °F to 140 °F (-15 °C to 60 °C).
Electrical Data
Operating voltage: 110/120 Vac, -1 5/+1 0%, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 10 VA at 110/120.
External fault or OK signal: 5 A at 120 Vac resistive, 2 A at 120 Vac pilot duty (internally fused).

Materials of Construction
TC Valve Proving Controls have pressure die-cast aluminum alloy valve piping
connections and an impact-resistant plastic housing (NEMA3/1P54) enclosing the controls.

  • The mounting position of the TC control is arbitrary.
  • The TC controls provide the capability to field select performing the valve-proving test
    prior to burner start up (Mode 1) or after burner shutdown (Mode 2) with an internal
    jumper. The units are factory-set to test before start-up (Mode 1).
  • The TC controls automatically restart the valve-proving test in the event of a power
    failure. This operation is dependent upon the test mode. If the TC control is in Mode 1,
    an automatic restart will only occur if the power failure occurred during the valve-
    proving testing period, or if the burner was in operation. If the TC control is in Mode 2,
    an automatic restart will occur anytime power is restored.
  • The test interval times are adjustable via an internal jumper. The TC controls are
    adjustable from 10—60 seconds in 10-second increments (factory-set at 10 seconds).
    Increasing the test duration lowers the leakage volume to failure, and increases the
  • An LED display on the front cover of the TC control indicates the test status.
  • The TC controls are available with local and remote reset.

Test program A

The down-stream valve V2 is OK, if there is pressure in the test line Pz during the waiting
time t. The up-stream valve V1 must be tested. Step tL opening time the test line Pz is
emptied by opening valve V2.
Step tM testing time = the valve Vi is OK, if up to the end of the testing time tM there is no
pressure or if the pressure is only slowly increasing. Should the pressure increase rapidly
during this time, valve Vi is leaking.

Test program B

If there is no pressure in the test line Pz during the
waiting time t, the upstream valve Vi is OK.
The down-stream valve V2 must be tested.
Step tL opening time = the test line Pz is filled by opening valve Vi.
Step tM testing time = valve V2 is OK, if at the end of the testing time tM the pressure
remained unchanged or if it’s slowly decreasing. Should pressure decrease rapidly, valve V2
is leaking.
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